Research, passion and experience are the key word we want to give you the best cocktail.. basically a cocktail made at Bisù!

Hoshizaki or crushed ice, tall tumbler or glass, lemon or lime? Every little detail counts for us, such as the fresh ingredients we use. We want to make your taste buds go mad!

Selected spirits and homemade food combine together to create our magic drink list.

Inside you’ll find the ICONIC SPRITZ BISÙ: elderflower liquor, sage, lemon and bubbles meet each other in a blue glittered waterfall. What about you? Haven’t taste it yet?


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, that’s what they said. With us, “good wine makes good blood” works better!

You can find the best labels and you’ll have a pretty nice selection of red or white wine, or rosè.

What about sparkles?! Do not make me mention it, we love them! What’s any better way to celebrate something? Try to believe!